For most of us, when we are unhappy with our love life, we are unhappy in general.  You can be successful in any or all other aspects of your life, but if your intimate relationship is suffering – so are you.  Yes – we can learn to be content by ourselves, but it is within our nature to be driven towards loving – and being loved by – an intimate partner.

Do you remember taking that extensive relationship course in school when growing up? Me neither.  It is a sad fact that, despite how incredibly important an intimate relationship is to our life, we are never taught how to be in one.  Most of our relationship skills are picked up through trial and error, advice from well-meaning (but often misguided) friends, or pop culture.

Which is why divorce rates are over 50%, and society is filled with many ‘successful’ but single people.

The good news is that, despite their wonderful complexity, relationships can be understood.  They are not as magical and mysterious as they sometimes seem, nor are the people who are in them.

There are skills, techniques and strategies that can be learned so that finding – and then keeping – a passionate relationship is possible.

My name is Ryan Nichols, and at The Art of We I work with both singles and couples to help them learn these skills.

I am a relationship coach, divorce prevention specialist, clinical hypnotherapist, and strategic interventionist (i.e. crisis manager).  Regardless of your relationship status or situation, I assure you there is much you can learn about The Art of We which can transform your love life.

Please contact me for a free consultation to see how I can best support you, or read more about my coaching services here.

To lasting love!


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