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 The Art of We provides relationship coaching to singles, spouses and couples.  How can we serve you?

                      Single and Searching

If you’re single and searching for a loving relationship, it can be challenging and frustrating.  If you’re reading this, perhaps you can relate.  How is it that there can be, in theory, so many other eligible singles out there and yet you don’t seem to be able to ‘click’ with any of them?  Or, where are they all hiding?

Why are you single?  What are you really looking for?  More importantly, what do you need to do to find it?

These are questions you will find answers to at The Art of We.

We work with singles – any sex, age, orientation and location.

                         Married and Struggling

Whether married or simply in a committed relationship, living in harmony with your partner is never as easy as we would like it to be.  Where did the love and excitement go that you used to have?  Why has the passion disappeared?  Who is this person you’re now with, and where is the person you met and fell in love with?

Most importantly, what can be done to bring the love and passion back to your relationship?

These are questions you will find answers to at The Art of We.

We work with individuals in a relationship, or both members of a couple.

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For the Single Ladies:

“5 Critical Mistakes Women Make When Looking for Lasting Love”

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